Gallant is a British design studio based in West London.
Providing a harmonious interject between art sculpture and domestic upholstery.

Gallant studio transforms mass market and antique furniture into narrative and tailor made pieces. The aim is showcasing pieces that nod to the humorous but are entirely purposeful and intelligent.

The objective of play dictates how the audience perceives the purpose for the constructed objects. Creating strong and distinctive themed furniture that is individually finished to a high level of elegance. Unconventional use of upholstery fuels the use of form and function with luxury qualities added for comfort.

Gallant uses materials to behave in unfamiliar ways to transform their purpose and meanings. Taking the connotations usually associated to these materials and shifting them to challenge the audience. A communication between viewer and piece. Beauty is essential and the extraordinary always strived for.

Here, at Gallant, the art of the British upholstery trade is at the core.

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